Tuesday, 17 May 2016

5 Red Alerts Your Business Needs an ERP Company by its Side

If you are reading this, we’ll assume your business is currently suffering from the following symptoms:
Financial inconsistency every month.
Inability to predict sales, instead, guess them.
Not keeping up with customer expectations.
Difficulties in figuring out inventory.
Dear business owner, you are in dire need of an Enterprise Resource Planning company asap. We’ll tell you why.

Top 5 Signs Your Business Needs An ERP Company’s Help:

#1: The trade runs on loads of software defining hundreds of processes.

Wait and ponder this – how are the people within your business processing information? How are they recording data and tracking it? Is your accounts department reliant on a two different systems for payables and receivables? Does it carry out order entry and processing in separate ways? Are the processes isolated from each other and time-consuming?

 If yes, then these are the root causes of all that chaos. Your organisation needs to operate smoothly. There should be accuracy and inter-linking in all processes. From payroll to budget, everything should be accessible via a single way. This is where Indian ERP companies come into play.
  • ERP offers a solo database, wherein you can store, edit, track, and access data anytime.
  • The data thus obtained is accurate and available in real-time.
  • It helps in quick decision making and fast operations.

#2: Information about your business isn’t available when needed.

Partly due to the cacophony of software and partly due to the increasing pace of your trade, vital information might be unavailable to you. This is bad. Not being confident about aspects like sales margin and performance metrics could hint that your trade isn’t as updated as it should be.

The scenario is even worse if you are using ways that demand constant manual updating. It means you will have to wait for a very long time to know about the things that affect your business. And, if your trade is progressing, better gear it up for the convenience of data access. An ERP Company in India could again be of help here.
  • ERP offers an all-embracing view of your trade operations.
  • It allows your employees to access data on time and when required.
  • Hence, it contributes towards efficiency and productivity enhancement.

#3: Accounting tasks are complicated and take aeons to complete.

Issues with your business’s accounting tasks are the foremost demanders of Enterprise Resource Planning. If these jobs are being carried out manually on papers, think about the labour, time, and money you are putting in (actually wasting). Is it any beneficial to your trade if financial reports are flawed due to human errors?

Your accounting department would spend a lot of time procuring information and feeding it manually onto innumerable spreadsheets but to no avail. Productivity is automatically thrown out of the window and your business suffers big time. Still and all, you need not worry, because ERP system is here.
  • It allows the inclusion of all financial data in a single database.
  • It cuts the need for manual labour and minimises the time required to cross-post, rekey and reconcile data.
  • Critical financial reports can be prepared without hassles and delays.

#4: Your sales are dropping and customers are complaining.

The need for inventory management emerges when your business expands. If you are a product manufacturer, it would be very easy to manage and keep a track of the amount of products being manufactured, the locations where they are being delivered, and the time of delivery. However, as the trade grows, these core operations will branch out and might slip off your hand.

Yet again, inventory data needs to tally with customer data. If managed separately, it could lead to confusions that are detrimental to your business. Say, a certain customer enquired about a certain product which is currently sold out. Will your trade system be able to provide him with the accurate data regarding the item? ERP companies in Kolkata come to your rescue, once again.
  • The ERP will contain the most updated information.
  • It can be accessed by anyone within the concerned customer care department.
  • The software assists in answering customer queries without much ado.

#5: The IT systems of your trade are labyrinthine.

Sometimes, a falling business needs to blame its IT systems. They might be complex, multiple, and difficult to customise, integrate, or maintain. Obviously, this hampers operations and lowers employee productivity. Updating the same could be a laborious, time-consuming, and costly task.

Moreover, all the customisation that the systems are presently carrying, could be futile after updating. There’s no way you can ever redo everything for the second time, is there? This is why you need ERP solution.
  • It dismisses the need to keep adding software and making the IT more fruitless.
  • It makes your trade responsive to dynamic business requirements.
  • Your business is rendered agile and efficient.

So, Now You Know…

Enterprise Resource Planning has so many benefits. When are you implementing it in your business?


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