Wednesday, 30 November 2016

4 Hidden Reasons Why India Surpasses Others in Software Development Service

Software!!! It has become more than just a word, just a programming term. It’s a factor that has connected the world in present time. It’s not something like rocket science but the funniest part is- Rocket science needs software too.

Software development is an aspect by which each business organisation works and gets connected to each other. You probably feel glad to know that India stands first in most offshoring of software developer in the world. India is undoubtedly the most attractive country for Outsourcing Software development.

According to the Global service Location Index (GSLI), 2016 India is on the leading position among all 55 countries of outsourcing destinations. Moreover, countries like China, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, Chile, Mexico and Poland are in the rest of top 10. Even China stood behind India in offshoring. The figures itself shows the fact that the nation has proved itself and each Software development company in India deserve the acknowledgement.

How India beats other Offshoring Countries?

1. We Have Produced More and More Skilled Developers

The best part of becoming the flagship country of outsourcing is, most of the Indian developers are young and energetic. Studies say that more than 50% of the country’s population are below the age of 25 and majority of them are a graduate that is skilled enough to be a software developer.

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Data say that if the rate becomes constant India will surpass the US in numbers of developers by the year 2018. The experts in this field show in their tally that there will be 5.2 million Indian developers all over the world whereas only 4.5 Million would be from the US by 2018.

2. They Spend Less and Learn More

It is surprising enough that the wages of learning this skill are far cheaper than the wages of other countries like the China, the US and other developed country in Europe.

Image Source: Unsplash
And the chief reason for this low cost is the many organisations in every city, metropolitan and suburb. And thanks to our promising youth who are aware of the situation. They get attracted to this field and joined the companies that provide with software development services in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and other metropolitan cities of India.

3. Compromising the Quality  never happens in India

India believes in providing quality service and this is the keyword of the success of the nation. If researchers are to be believed, error rates in outsourcing of India are much lower than other countries. But, the chief hindrance of china and other Asian countries is the lack of English knowledge.

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In India, one could get all types of software based education that are used in IT profession, data Processing,  Payroll , Engineering, Human Resource and Training, Designing etc.

4. We Are Situated in a Comfortable Time Zone

The topological location of India helps the nation getting more chances. Being exactly another side of US makes 12 hours time difference and it gives convenience for companies for 24 hours working hours.

India, the leading outsourcing country also enlisted its name of the field of Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Adobe SAP etc. Though there is a close competition with China and Philippines, hope we remain our position with the help of more and more skilled developers.


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