Monday, 21 April 2014

Respond to Client’s Expectation with Responsive Website Layout

Responsive design is on the roll now. If you are still not getting enough from your online presence, consider becoming responsive with the website design by its name. 

Responsive Web Design

The modern age is rightly called the “tech-age”! The reason is the mammoth and fast paced advancements that technology is undergoing. Now there are different devices through which people are accessing the web. Hence, for all businesses it is important to have a user interface which is responsive in nature. Any web developer needs to have that insight and create the websites accordingly.

Every device has a specific screen resolution. The UI must thus be developed in accordance to the screen resolution and size. Adding to this, there can be apt layouts for the audience and flexible media queries. Therefore, it is imperative for developers to take advantage of tablet, smart phone users. Responsive website design and development helps in capturing the page element in portrait or landscape mode. Let us quickly browse through some of the techniques that you must keep in mind while designing a responsive website.

 1.Layouts or Images – CSS3 modules can be used in order to fit every page, media content in the screen of the particular device. It must cover the required navigation pages and options that will be useful for the end users.

2.Query Handling – If the user has any query, then there must be specific forms to enquire and the related responses must be received in return.

Overall, a designer must understand that a powerful digital presence must entail optimal user viewing. It is aimed to provide a hassle free navigation. The term RWD that stands for responsive web design was invented by Ethan Marcotte.


The challenges that this particular design faces are plenty. A developer has to understand the specification of a particular device. This is because there are various brands of devices out in the market.  The content is another concern. Fresh content might be required to be displayed depending upon the screen size.  Lastly, the flow of the connectivity must be smooth and match client’s expectations.


Vikash Singh said...

Nice description with spectacular display on Responsive website Development. Really it has an increasing demand in the world. I thank you for the blog post you have posted for us.

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