Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Manage And Plan Your Resources Strategically

ERP is the one stop solution for database and resource management of big organizations like Multinational Corporations, Universities, municipalities etc.

The necessity for a software solution

ERP stands for Enterprise resource planning. It is software used in organizations to manage its different operations like planning, manufacturing and development of a product and finally its marketing. It is generally used in very large organizations as the small organizations can manage the small database manually. In a big organization different work is assigned to different departments which are correlated. So if one department makes a mistake its bullwhip effect is shown in the results of other departments. Moreover if one department is interdependent on another department for data processing and the first department is a bottleneck then it may cause a delay in the whole process. To address this issue ERP is developed and implemented so that all the work can be updated simultaneously and each department is liable for its work.

Accountability in reporting standards

ERP is a software base solution which helps to create and maintain database leading to more accountability of data. Big organizations like Universities which maintain huge databases of students and their records are the biggest clients of these solutions. ERP solutions for Universities are gaining grounds dramatically. Universities are very old institutions which are built to stay. They are the base of an economy as they provide the education to the future leaders. But to give degrees to each one of them requires a lot of background work which is done in their back office. These include maintaining a database of their personal and professional records. Personal records include name, address, contact number, parents’ details etc while professional records include the marks obtained the academic performance, the fees deposited, the refund to be claimed etc.

Custom built v/s Standard ones

ERP solutions are generally standard software which can be customized. ERP for universities are general in nature as most of the universities have the same type of data and reports to prepare but some universities still go for the customized ones because of their specific reporting needs.. The ERP software is highly dependent upon the company providing it as it needs a lot of technical support in implementation.


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