Monday, 26 May 2014

Presence of Content Based Websites with a Google Algorithm Update

Those who overlooked the need of the good contents are being pushed away by their competitors. Include the satisfying information and achieve a high rank with all Google Algorithm update. 

Can we overlook the presence of internet in our matters? Every now and then we search to know various information. But it becomes a pain when the search shows spammy links or antagonist websites. This issue was long standing. To solve this issue and increase the chances of the valuable websites, Google has introduced keyword based search.

The algorithm system

The change has been experienced after the introduction of Google Panda in the Google’s world. It does the simple task of filtering. Filtering is done by targeting the shallow sites mostly. It always directs the traveller to the highest quality web sites. Many websites function with the help of the different types of advertisements. But sometimes these advertisements wraps the site's main information and creates a disturbed attitude in the viewer’s mind.

All the good websites in the internet world are being fed by good information and data. This helps the searchers in the perfect way. But the searching becomes disgraceful when it leads to the low ranked websites. Google Panda was being introduced in February 2011. Primarily, it targeted the websites full of advertisements. This became a huge problem. Because many sites with advertisements are good with information also. The complaints drove Google to update their algorithm system. The first Google algorithm update was done on April 2011.

Panda algorithm boosted the quality of the content full sites. It helped to lower the rank of the thin quality sites in searching results. The latest Google Algorithm update on January, 2014 boosted the presence of the better websites in the search result in a better way than previous times.

Now the rank of the websites in the search results is being done on its content’ presence. The contents are the key ingredients to enhance the fragrance of the website. Good contents never misses the eyes. Contents should be clear and informative also. It must speak about the main keywords. Any creativity is unwanted during the building of the perfect content.

To solve any issues related with the build-up of content, Google has specified the guidelines for creating the contents. This specifies the need of the SEO based good quality contents. The algorithm system does not target the individual pages of a site. It disrupts the presence of the entire website.

The signs of the good content website

High ranks mean better presence on the website. Regular nourishment with the helpful, understandable content can attract the minds of the readers. Google ranks up those without any second thought. Keywords are the main element. It should be present for multiple times. Related links are another important key. Regular updates are also required to hold the rank for the longer time period.

Increasing demand

Every second a new website is being launched in the internet world. Managing them and finding the perfectly suited sites for the searched keywords are the most important task. This task has become easy with the help of the algorithm system. It brought a competitive atmosphere within the SEO based industry (


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